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HorrorBid Reviews MEMOIR Comic by Ben McCool & Nikki Cook

First of all you need to get the fu*k on reading this!! Yeah you!! Adding it to your pull list, is a potively brilliant fuc*king idea!! So seriously get on that!! Now that we got that shit out of the way... What if one day you woke up, and had forgotten every thing you knew? Your past, your family... yourself.

What if your entire town woke up and had forgotten everything. Total mind fu*k right?

They say if an event is so traumatic, so unbearable, the mind can wipe it's memory, to protect you from suffering, so you can move on. What kind of travesty could wipe the minds of an entire small town? That's the mystery behind Lowesville and the events that occurred there 10 years ago. No one can remember anything about themselves or their loved ones. A whole town of strangers much worse for the unremembered wear. Quaint and friendly were lost on them a long while back, all they have had for the last decade is suspicion.Like any small town in cris, these people don't appreciate outders sniffing around. But Lowesville was a reporter's wet dream. A town filled with people who are all but unstitched. And when a reporter, name of Trent McGowan, decides to investigate the mystery behind the mass amnea, the memories start to resurface like bloated dead bodies in the Hudson. Trent thinks he can make it big-time with this story. He has a feeling that it will be an easy buck. A 1-2-3 job. Little does he know he bit off way more then he can stuff down. Thinking this asgnment was a stroll in the park, he wanders into a nister tuation he was absolutely not fucking ready for. A mass grave, uncovered by one of the yokles. Bodies packed in the earth right on the de on the road. Every last one of them frozen in terror. Find of the century for our new reporter friend. Right as he's about to pack it in, and head home he receives a mysterious email informing him that not everyone in Lowesville

lost their memory. The proverbial shit slaps the spinning fan. Trent's up to his balls in one hell of a conspiracy. He cant leave Lowesville. This is too big. Little does he know that was never a fu*kin' option.

Another comic rendered in my favorite color scheme; black, white, and shades of gray. Cook really captures the suspicious mood like smoke in a mirrored jar. The McCool & Cook duo are dynamic.

Image is known for it's heavy hitting series, some of the best titles to ever stand shoulder to shoulder, and outshine the titans on the comic shop shelves.

And this series, like any of their myriad others, has grandiose potential of being beyond fu*king amazing, landing it straight into write mom & dad back on the homestead territory. This isn't your run of the mill horror either.

This is more than just a few jump-and-hold-your-hearts.

It has a powerful (repeat for emphas) powerful story line. McCool's writing never skipped a beat, kept in sync, has the tight pacing of a late night jazz band. It dropped a horizontal bar on your lap and took you on a ride!

Meeting Lowesville's strange almost mental denizens, and how they were presented worked too damn well.

Paint me 4 shades of impressed. I am glad I snatched this one up from issue one. The month long wait in between issues has been biblically torturous, but worth it every time one hits the shelves. If you're still tting here after how much time I just spent gushing about how fu*king awesome this comic is, well then what the fu*k!!

Go buy this!! Get in on what could be the new beyond epic horror comic on the ground level!!Krys (Lost Pilgrim) the comic chick gning out :)

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Monday 5/02/2011 at 01:29 AM | 75348
It's been a loooooooooong time nce I picked up a comic book, but based on what you said Justin, you may have talked me into to picking this up. Hopefully I can score one at my local comic shop.
Anonymous Monday 5/02/2011 at 01:52 AM | 75352
This sounds like a really solid idea, I'm going to check it out for sure....Comics and Horror, awesome!
NightShape Monday 5/02/2011 at 03:48 PM | 75385