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With the recent news that NECA is making a Freddy for each of the Nightmare on Elm St. movies it got me thinking….What are some of the best Horror action figures out there and what would be a dream list for future toys?

While writing this list I’m looking at my girlfriends and my collection of action figures and as happy as I am with the collection so far, there are some that are sorely misng….

Some of the best that have been made so far in my opinion are as follows..

Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis 2 pack (NECA): The porch accessory alone is worth it.

The upcoming Freddy figures (NECA): The faces on the figures are spot on, really nice attention to detail.

Regan Possessed (NECA):

Looking at the face gives me the Heebie Jeebies

Ghostface (McFarlane): Sorry NECA I heart ya but the new Scream figure….no….still heart me?

Dog Soldiers (SOTA toys): Awesome sculpt and very cool figure base (blood and guts and all).

Pinhead Hellraiser Cult Clascs (NECA):

Great detail down to the very last pin

Jaws (McFarlane): You are so expenve!! Re-release it!!

Clasc scene and a good sculpt

Jason (Revoltech):

There are a lot of Jason figures but I prefer this one

Sam from Trick ‘r Treat: Come on, it’s awesome!

Now to the wish list of figures that I really want to see….

An American Werewolf in London: Now Playing made a 2 pack of David Kessler as the Werewolf and Jack Goodman as a zombie..Sold out everywhere!! Did this set EVER come out and if so are there plans to make a new one or re-release the old one?

I need this haha. Does anyone have one??

The Crawlers from The Descent: Creepy, need em. Gotta have em.

Pennywise from IT: not that I could stare at it every day but one needs to be made.

Leslie Vernon



What else?

What Horror figures would you like to see made?

If not figures then what other collectibles would you like to see made?
NightShape Tuesday 5/03/2011 at 05:31 AM | 75426