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New Vampyr Teaser Will Make You Cringe

Ever nce I was a young boy I always cringed when it came time to go to the dentist. The thought

of having to get a tooth drilled, or even pulled would send me right into a panic attack. So when I came across this little teaser trailer for the upcoming Jon Hewitt flick entitled, Vampyr, I instantly began to have flashbacks of the dentist and suddenly I began to sweat. I then realized that this wasn't going to be your typical vampire movie.

Slated to star Belinda McClory (The Matrix) Hewitt describes Vampyr as an extreme horror revolving around "a brutalized TV news anchor (McClory) who descends into homicidal madness" in a story that will turn the rape-revenge genre on its head.

Plot Synops: Belinda McClory is a successful and sexy TV anchorwoman who turns up misng. When she emerges a week later, she is left emotionless and with no recollection of the event. She is dismissed by the authorities and her co-workers as just another date-rape crime victim. Her life slowly starts to spin out of control. She becomes fixed on the who's and the why's... desperate for any answers. Ultimately seeking retribution. Soon she will be face to face with her assailant, and she will learn the shocking truth which she has been seeking. Is the assailant someone thats close to her or something more ominous in nature? Eventually she succumbs to the darkness and embraces its t of vengeance.

Currently the movie has not begun production. This promo video was created to sell the concept to potential investors in Cannes. Hopefully it gets picked up.

Anonymous Wednesday 5/04/2011 at 08:05 PM | 75528