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Should have they shown us Osama bin Laden's Dead Face?(POLL)

Well, they're not going to show us bin Laden's rotting corpse. So the question remains should they? It's a tough question that frustrates me a little bit but I also sorta understand why they wouldn't show us. I wondered what everyone on Horrorbid thought? Should thy have shown us or not and why?
Disturbed_voices Wednesday 5/04/2011 at 09:30 PM | 75532
I think this is a great question. This is a no win tuation in my opinion. If we see it its proof that bin Laden is indeed dead. If we don't it leaves a bit of a doubt. Obviously with today's technology a well photoshopped photo of a dead bin Laden would be easy to render especially if you have the government involved. With that said, if they did show the pic I do think it would be a great way for extremists to add to their propaganda to do future attacks. Maybe it would do more harm then good. Do we really need to see the bullet hole in the guys face? It would probably be a nice piece of justification to say hey look, screw with us and this is what happens but the fact is, he is dead. I have no doubt about that. So either way, there is no right or wrong answer, its whatever you feel in your hear you would want them to do. That's where I stand. Take it or leave it. He is dead, a picture isn't going to prove anything to me. Him walking on a beach somewhere in 2 months now then they show us the picture. I think they're playing it safe and so be it.

Now what does aggravate the hell out of me is this debate on who got him. Predent Bush's camp when he was in office with all of his intell or Predent Obama's camp that eventually pulled the trigger.


Shouldn't that be what its about? But it never is. Everyone always wants to get the credit. We should all be working together. I voted for Bush in 2000 and Obama in 2008. Who will I vote for in 2012? I have no idea. I want the system to work. I want to drop all the BS about abortion and gays in the military and have all the parties come together and say, "how do we get this economy working again?" and then we can figure out these arbitrary views that we have as free Americans. We act like we all have a God given right to do whatever we want. The only reason we have that right is because we fought for it. If we don't get things straightened out this country could fall just like any other civilization or powerhouse in the history of this world. Lets focus on the bigger picture and push the small stuff to the de.

Unfortunately that won't happen due to lobbyists and other bureaucratic BS where governs and senators worry more about staying in office then getting things done.

Now off of my rant. Who killed bin Laden. Was it Bush's camp or Obama's? It was the freaking brave men and women that have been working their asses off for years to gather then intel to get the mison complete. It was the two dozen Navy Seals that went into another country unnoticed and completed their mison, shooting their target and capturing the body. THAT IS WHO SHOULD GET THE CREDIT Our soldiers that put their fucking LIVES on the line for us. That is not just something people say. When people enlist in the military they are doing so for a number of reasons but at the end of the day they know they could posbly DIE and they are willing to do that to keep all of us safe.

Why not focus the credit on them! You people in Washington keep arguing about which camp did it. Democrats or Republicans. The fact is, all of you sat behind a desk. The best and the bravest are the ones that took the risk for us, their families and to allow this country to keep moving. Stop bitching about accolades, hug each other, give everyone a high five and start talking about how to keep this country from tanking. The buck stops there. In 200 years if our economy is crap, our infrastructure is gone and we are drinking out of lakes and rivers we will look back and say, "yeah, maybe bickering over things like gays and taking the morning after pill wasn't so important!"

That's just my humble two cents.
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Wednesday 5/04/2011 at 11:30 PM | 75537
They don't need to show me anything, really. The only way Osama could still be alive is if he were in some remote basement getting his fingernails torn off by interrogaters.
Mothman Friday 5/06/2011 at 06:07 PM | 75620
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