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I've been a fan of zombies for decades. But, The resurgence of zombie movies in the last several years has led to a lot of bad and generic zombies. There are good ones out there, only problem is you have to travel over seas. Europe will be our destination on this trip. The British have given us "Shaun Of The Dead" "28 Days Later" and "28 Weeks Later". (I know, the last two aren't technically zombies.) Norway gave us the violent yet fun loving Nazi zombies with "Dead Snow" and Spain unleashed a rabid bred with "*REC". Well now our French brethren has entered the ring with "The Horde".

Our story opens with a small group of police officers entering a slum high rise to take down a crime kingpin. Only to be locked down in the building with the bad guys and a horde of the most vicious zombies ever filmed. Know the cops and criminals must work together to get out of the masve building.

The action and energy of this movie is unrelenting. From start to finish is never ending gunfire and zombie attacks. The zombies are many and mean. Plus, we are also given a couple of nice little twist and turns in the story that adds a little something extra. There also also really good character development, which is lacking in most zombie movies. The violence and gore wasn't spared.

I really liked this movie. The tenon was enough to drive you to drink and the non stop in your face action left me exhausted. The story within the story could have been told without the zombies and it would still be worth watching. The zombies are some of the best I have ever seen. They are the fast mad dog type zombies, not the slow moving zombies of old. My biggest problem with the movie was the English dubbing. It almost makes it unwatchable. I highly recommend watching it with the subtitles. (Watch The Trailer and see for yourself.) So all and all, if your looking for a really good action zombie flick, then you just may be looking for "The Horde".

Maynardtscuggs Friday 5/06/2011 at 03:06 PM | 75614
cool review, man. Ive still to see this. The veron I got hold of had really badly translated subtitles. So im looking to pick up the UK DVD release to get subs that are more accurate. Looks great tho :)
Dr Phibes Sunday 5/08/2011 at 08:48 AM | 75684