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Dexter Season 6: Could Deb be the Hell that Breaks Loose?

As Season 5 of Showtime's Dexter drew to a close, we as viewers watched in anticipation as Deb found herself in the midst of the room Jordan had been murdered in, his body laying right in front of her. A lone plastic tarp stood between her, her brother, and Lumen. Millions of us had the thought run through our head....”Is this it?”. And then, she just let them go. Let them run because she believed they were doing the right thing. So, is Season 6 it? Is this going to be that season? Is Deb finally going to figure out who Dexter really is?

I'm sure you guys have all seen the newest teaser by now. Let's go through the milarities of all of this.

Season 1: The Ice Truck Killer. Dexter's biological brother. Male. Brian pretends to fall in love with Deb, proposes to her, kidnaps her, and attempts to make her Dexter and his first kill as a team. Deb is unconscious through out everything until Dexter saves her, thus keeping her from discovering his identity.

Season 2: The Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter/Doakes. Male/Male. Dexter's body dump is found at the bottom of the ocean and a large scale investigation is launched to find the killer. Sergeant Doakes catches on and realizes who the killer is and Dexter locks him away in a cabin to keep anyone from finding out, including Deb. He manages to help spin a story that makes Doakes seem more and more like the butcher. Lyla finds the cabin and blows it up before Dexter can be found out. Deb escapes the truth once more.

Season 3: Miguel Prado. Male. Miguel, a locally famous Asstant District Attorney, becomes Dexter's first apprentice. Miguel becomes too deeply involved in making the killings about personal gain and kills an innocent woman, breaking Dexter's code, and forcing Dexter to kill him. By lencing him, Dexter has regained anonymity in his murders.

Season 4: The Trinity Killer. Arthur Mitchell. Male Long story short, Dexter realizes that Trinity is Arthur Mitchell. Instead of killing him right off the bat, Dexter decides to shadow him and learn how he can be a family man and a serial killer all at the same time. Dexter lies to Arthur, Arthur figures it out, Arthur kills Rita. Before Dexter knows Rita is dead, Dexter kills Arthur and returns home to find Rita dead in the bath tub. Dexter, to some, becomes a suspect in the murder, but Deb believes he is too good of a man to have killed Rita.

Season 5: The Barrel Girl Gang. Eugene Greer (Jordan Chase, Dan Mondale, Cole Harmon, Alex Tilden, Boyd Fowler. Male Dexter tracks Boyd Fowler to a dumping te, confirming that he fits the code. In killing him, Dexter is seen by a survivor, Lumen Pierce. Lumen becomes Dexter's second apprentice. Through out the season she helps track down the rest of The Barrel Girl Gang and kill them. After killing Jordan Chase, Dexter and Lumen are behind a plastic sheet cleaning up when Deb finds the kill scene. She informs the two that she's going to call the scene in and that they (without knowing who they are) should leave before anyone else gets there. This is the closest in five seasons that Deb has gotten to figuring out what Dexter really is.

Now you get where I'm going with this. Each season has involved Deb getting closer and closer to what Dexter is. Deb's even questioned his emotions and how he seems to know so much about the killers the department's after. Doesn't it just make sense that this season would be the season in which Deb figures it out?

The teaser actually gives us quite a bit of inght to this. Near the end of the teaser, you hear Deb shouting, “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god” and the clattering of glass. Notice, not the shattering of glass, but the sound of small glass objects falling. Is it posble that she's going through Dexter's blood slides?

Showtime predent, David Nevin's plays up this idea: There will be a microscope on the Deb/Dexter relationship this season. Over time you're going to see that relationship evolve and change, no questions about it."

So, even if Deb doesn't figure it out, we know she's getting ever closer.

Thanks to TVline for the quote and teaser!
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roselina Wednesday 11/30/2011 at 08:34 AM | 87680
It would be interesting if she did find out, as she does in the book series. The thing is though, they always tease us with this idea every season, as I'm sure you've noticed. I'm not sure how things would work out if she knew, as she doesn't seem like she'd be able to live with that knowledge. Right now there's only three episodes left, and they always save the best for last and there's alot going on right now, so I'm very excited to see what happens next and how this season will end.
Nick Death Thursday 12/01/2011 at 12:15 PM | 87716