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Working Print Trailer For "One Way Trip 3-D"

This Swiss horror movie was directed by Marcus Welter, Starring Sabrina Reiter, Melanie Winiger and Herbert Leiser.

Eight friends head out on a camping trip in a Swiss forest with one thing on there mind, to find magic mushrooms. After they finally get their camp up and with the mushrooms harvested, It's time to party. One friend soon walks away from camp and returns beat to pulp. Convinced it was time to leave, the friends rush to their cars only to find the tires have been slashed and they have no cell phone reception. They find a farmhouse in the distance and decide to go there for help. But, help is the last thing they will receive.

The movie is being released in 3-D and according to the trailer it has a September 2011 release. This seems a little milar to the 2007 Irish horror movie "Shrooms".

***This is a working print trailer***

Maynardtscuggs Tuesday 5/10/2011 at 05:15 PM | 75784