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Details on Spookey Empire's May-Hem, May 27-29 2011

The people behind the increangly popular annual horror convention Spooky Empire have put together a first year convention at the end of May as a thank you to all who have supported Spooky through the years. Soon to be in its 10th year, Spooky Empire normally takes place at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida in early October. However, the Wyndham is reopening its doors at the end of May to present Spooky Empires' May Hem for its first year ever.

Highlights of the event include special guests Bruce Cambell (Evil Dead saga & Army of Darkness), Anthony Michael Hall (The Breakfast Club),Ted Raimi (Wish master, Drag Me To Hell)

as well as many other celebrity guests such as the extended casts of Evil Dead 1 & 2, Army of Darkness, The Walking Dead, Boondock Saints, and many more...

Other highlights include the masve vendor room which is bacally like a monstrous candy store full of all of your favorite horror related treats, props, gnatures, poster, artwork, tributes, etc. You name it! The vendor room has it!

Another venerable mention is the tattoo room. Each year Spooky Empire has a ballroom degnated to the tattoo artists that gather at the conventions to share their work, tattoo guests, gain exposure, and make some extra money. Anyone can apply to be a vendor or an artist as long as he or she meets the necessary requirements.

Other events include pool parties, the annual zombie walk, Q&A's with the guests, Live entertainment, Costume Contests, Live shows such as the Repo! The Genetic Opera Shadow cast and Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast.

Spooky also features the award winning Freak show Film Festival. Films such as Blood Night: The legend of Mary Hatchet and The Black Waters of Echoes Pond have premiered here.

Here's the official webte for Spooky Empire's Mayhem. If you live within reasonable commute distance don't hetate to buy tickets to this fantastic event!
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