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Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA, Labor Day Weekend

Dragon*Con is held in downtown Atlanta, GA every labor day weekend. They bill themselves as "multi-media, popular culture convention focung on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, muc, and film" and while they don't have a dedicated horror track (*YET, she adds hopefully*), there is still a lot of draw for the horror crowd.

The Costuming track is great, covering not only the bacs of costume degn but going into detail on prop creation. The evenings are full of people wandering the host hotels in full costume. Last year, a good friend of mine was walking around in clear body bag as Tina from ANOE! (Ok, it was an altered garment bag, but it's apparently very difficult to get a clear body bag these days.)

Dark Fantasy hits more on literature, but covers film as well.

There is a Paranormal track on it's second year, bring in the "real life" supernatural sect, including John Zaffis, a fairly well known demonologist.

Loads of horror's near and dear show up for panels in several different tracks, and also at the Walk of Fame for autograph and personal photo sesons.

A personal favorite panel from two years ago featured Kane Hodder

and Doug Bradley.

Some notable names attending this year (so far): John Zaffis Steven Yeun Stacia Kane Rosemary Ellen Guiley Matthew Jason Walsh Matthew lva Lloyd Kaufman Misha Collins Chandler Riggs Meaghan Rath Addy Miller Sam Huntington Travis Scott Merrill Julie McNiven Lance Henriksen James Marsters Chandra Free Steve Gonsalves Nicholas Brendon Charlaine Harris Christopher Lloyd Clare Kramer Chris Fleming Julie Benz Robert Englund Elvira

MUC: Voltaire The Last Dance Cruxshadows Bella Morte

D*C is very incluve so I tend to think if there was a decent enough demand, they'd open up a horror track.
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