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Review: "Hyenas" Is For The Dogs.

Roving clans of shape-shifting human/hyena creatures prowl and hunt for human prey. A woman and her baby are traveling home in the middle of the night on a two lane country road, when suddenly they have a flat and must pull over.

When the woman gets out of the car, her and her baby are attacked by hyenas. The woman's husband Gannon (Costas Mandylor) comes to town to claim what is left of his family's remains. Soon he meets the town's crack pot Crazy Briggs (Meshach Taylor) who informs him that he knows who killed his family and they both take off to put an end to the shape-shifting creatures.

I can't think of a ngle potive thing to say about this movie. The f/x was way below par. The acting was numb and hollow. The story itself seems like it came from an R.L Stine book. But the absolute worst part was that about every 10 minutes in the movie the character Crazy Briggs would come on the screen tting around a campfire Uncle Remus style and telling the story. I enjoy bad movies, but this one is in a category all by it's self. I think Costas Mandylor phoned in this performance from the set of "Saw 7". If your looking for a good creature feature, this isn't it. Pick up "Sharktopus" or "Mega Piranha", they may be bad but at least they are entertaining. You have been warned.
Maynardtscuggs Thursday 5/12/2011 at 08:54 PM | 75999
I only lasted 15 minutes before I was out.

So bad.
BloodAndRibbons Sunday 5/15/2011 at 01:49 PM | 76404