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hi i'm new to this

I'm not that good at typing so please bare with me. Hi I'm Lisa my blonde dizzy friend Des wanted me join in on the horror fun. I just started collecting horror movies myself. I also think the scary&blooder the better. I come from Brooklyn, things here are not that scary its getting pretty played out here. I'm really not saying much cause like i said I'm new to this but I hope meet you all soon I heard its great to be here so hope to talk soon
lapazza143 Wednesday 6/25/2008 at 11:34 PM | 14435
Hey B*tch.....glad you made it

kweandee Thursday 6/26/2008 at 03:27 AM | 14471
Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy the stay.
quietonthesetstudios Thursday 6/26/2008 at 04:17 AM | 14479
Hey! Welcome to the most bestest Kick ass Horror te on the Planet!!! Des is a pretty kool chick on here and any friend of hers is a friend of Ours!!! That being said, Let me introduce myself, Everyone calls my Harry, but my real name is Charles Lee Ray! HAHA Just kidding, it's Ryan! I'm the same guy that made Des's Dream Sweater. Anyway, Hope you like it here and have a kick ass time! --Harry

Harry Warden Thursday 6/26/2008 at 04:48 AM | 14488
Hey welcome aboard.

Always cool to have more girls in this community.

Check out Bisco's threads if you're into movies.

As he's said, if he doesn't have it, it doesn't exist (I paraphrase Bisco but you get the idea

deathrisingup Thursday 6/26/2008 at 12:33 PM | 14501
Thanks to everyone who welcomed me, I hope to talk to all of you soon
lapazza143 Friday 6/27/2008 at 12:58 AM | 14545
Thanks to everyone who welcomed me, I hope to talk to all of you soon

I'm the official welcome wagon rep from HorrorBid nce our Admin is too high and mighty to say to all of our new membersso welcome!

Hope you stick around, we're a pretty fun group to say the least.

If you need a custom g or avatar for your user profile just PM the forum admin Booman and he'll take care of you. Thanks again for joining!
DaShape Sunday 6/29/2008 at 11:51 PM | 14829
Hello and welcome to Hb!
Evildsm Monday 6/30/2008 at 05:37 PM | 14864