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Vampires Vs. Terrorist In The Trailer For BLOOD SHOT

In the heart of the L.A., a terrorist cell is plotting a major attack against the US. But, someone is on to them. As they prepare to execute the first part of their plan, a mysterious figure infiltrates their home base and dispatches them one by one. The mysterious figure is revealed to be a Vampire, but not just any Vampire. This particular Vampire is employed by a covert government organization lead by Sam,

whose sole mison is to protect America from detrimental threats. Meanwhile, Rip, a rogue cop, knows of the Vampire's existence and will stop at nothing to destroy it, even if his wife, job, and sanity are at stake.

After several violent encounters with the Vampire, Rip is beaten to a pulp, but like any good cop, he never gives up. The Vampire attempts to explain himself to Rip and convince him that he is on the same de, but Rip isn't having it.

In the meantime, Bob, the most notorious terrorist in the world, is on his way to the US to execute the attack. Along with him is a gang of motley terrorists, hell bent on destroying the city. Upon hearing the news, the Vampire must convince Rip to join forces and stop Bob before he detonates a nuke in the middle of the city.

Directed by Dietrich Johnston, starring Brennan Elliott, Michael Bailey Smith, Brad Dourif, and Lance Henriksen.

No release date available.

Source: UHM
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