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Blood Thirsty Thursdays is now a bi-monthly event

BLOOD THIRSTY THURSDAYS in San Antonio has just become a bi-monthly event!!!

Starting in June BTT will be the second Thursday of every month @ our original location the Alamo Xragthouse Cinema Westlakes and again on the fourth Thursday of the month @ our second and newest location

The Woodlawn Theater, which is a historical movie house that seats 400+ people!!! The floor level seats about 150 and the balcony level seats nearly 250 people. The venue has a full production stage with a masve (white) movie screen, plus 2 video projectors with 3000 & 4000 lumens...and, get this, a fully functional and working 35mm projector in the projection booth perfect for screening vintage movie/film prints!

We will be showing HP Lovecraft's RE-Animator in a rare 35mm film presentation at Dragthouse Westlakes on Thursday June 9th @ 8pm & 10:45pm and then on Thursday June 30th @ the Woodlawn Theater will be throwing a PHANTASM Party with a pre-show performance by a local San Antonio grotesque burlesque troupe called The Devil Bunnies. Doors open @ 7pm and the Phantasm Party begins @ 8pm.

Tickets to both BTT events go on sale on June 1st!!!

More info TBA...

Hail Horror! Kelly
kellywarrenhammond Friday 5/20/2011 at 12:11 AM | 76543
Tickets for RE-ANIMATOR are NOW ONSALE!!! go here:
kellywarrenhammond Sunday 5/22/2011 at 02:32 PM | 76639