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Snuggle Up With THE ROOMMATE - Review

I have been aggresvely trying to rent The Roomate (2011) all week, and finally my Redbox had it in stock. I was totally stoked, I really like Cam Gigandet and the plot really hit home.

Yes, for I BloodAndRibbons had my own stalker roommate in college, she wanted to be my only friend, and even changed her major to share all my classes.

The separation wasn't pretty, it took a big move and a changed phone number to shake that crazy. College is not that awesome.

But I digress.

I got comfy, hoped it wouldn't bring back roommate PTSD and settled in, to what I can only describe as 91 minutes only slightly more entertaining than watching paint dry.

The premise, granted not exactly fresh, had some potential.

The small town girl comes to the big city and becomes instant friends with her seemingly sweet townie roommate.

Sweet townie roommate who is off her meds and quickly spirals into madness.

I wish the movie had more to offer than that, but it really didn't.

I will say Leighton Meester, who I'm not familiar with, played her part really well in the beginning.

She slowly innuated herself into her new friends life, coming off homely and responble.

At the beginning I found myself wondering what exactly was so wrong with this chick.

Then things don't start to go downhill, they fall right off a cliff.

What Meester built for the first half hour by being obsesvely careful in her stalking, she quickly tosses to the wind by attacking another student and hoping she won't report the incident.

(Granted she is schizophrenic or bipolar, but still)

Without revealing too much, I just feel this movie could have been much better.

If Meester had been given more time to ease into her insanity and build up the tenon the ending could have been much more climactic. Instead it was a good 30 minutes followed by a dull and predictable 60 minutes that you couldn't wait to see end. The overall experience felt thrown together and half assed.

While not the worst movie I've ever seen, I've definitely seen better.

I yearned for obsesve stalkers with taste, class, and brains.

Actually I yearned for Rebecca De Mornay circa The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.Now THAT bitch was scary.

BloodAndRibbons Saturday 5/28/2011 at 02:29 AM | 76904