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I have heard a lot of harsh things about the movie I Am Number Four (2011) However for some reason I couldn't quite explain, I've really been dying to see it.

Maybe I relate to the plot of an outder who doesn't know where they belong, maybe I really like staring and imagining Timothy Olyphant naked.

Either way I tuned in, and I have to say I REALLY enjoyed it.

It came off somewhat corny and tweenish in the previews, but it was far from it.

The Plot:

John Smith is on the run from ruthless assasns sent to destroy him. He was raised on the run by his protector Henri.

What are they running from? John and Henri are both from a long ago destroyed planet.

Nine children were saved and sent to earth, each with a protector. The children had the power to save their people, and each was given legacies (bacally magic powers) to help them on their journey. At the beginning of the movie three of them, along with their protectors have been killed.

John will be the fourth. As he tries to acclimate to the new town he and Henri have run to following the death of the third, he finds himself relating to his peers for the first time.

He falls in love with the local girl who feels like an outder herself, and becomes good friends with the town "alien-nerd".

The happiness and normality are short lived however, as the assasns close in on John and Henri and he realizes that the people he has brought into his life are now in mortal danger.

I have to say that John (played by Alex Pettyfer, a relatively new actor) was very likeable and I found myself really rooting for him.

I loved Timothy Olyphant (as Henri). Olyphant is great at pulling off the odd juxtapotion of a badass (he is a warrior protector) and someone completely vulnerable (he is like a father to John, and ofc doesn't want to lose him)

I was less enthused by Johns love interest played by Dianna Agron, she had a decent resume upon looking her up, but nothing I'd ever seen.

She came off very flat, and luckily just when you are hoping someone accidentally shoots her you are introduced to the only other "alien" in the film, Number 6 (played by Teresa Palmer) A take no prisoners, Ause raised warrior, that you can't help but love.

My biggest complaint in this movie is that she is given so little screen time! Also the very little CGI used was a bit run of the mill.

All in all, it wasn't the movie of the year, but it doesn't deserve the harsh reviews it's getting.

It had a very thorough and well thought out plot that was executed perfectly, and left me looking forward to a sequel.

Aliens that look like regular people, it's not by the book horror, but sometimes you need to broaden the box a little! Enjoy!
BloodAndRibbons Saturday 5/28/2011 at 08:52 PM | 76914