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Resurrection Mary

If anybody is fascinated by the story of Resurrection Mary, Chicago's most famous roadde ghost, then did you know that an actual feature film was made, back in 2007, based on this true ghost story? And very good it is too! Watched it on dvd last night, after the Euro Champ League match, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Let me elucidate on this brilliant adaptation of one of the creepiest true-life hauntings ever recorded.

Resurrection Mary is a 2007 production, directed by Sean Michael Beyer, and starring Sally Kirkland, Kevin G. Schmidt, and Pamela Jean, who plays Resurrection Mary.

One night, on a dark and lonely road, teenager Jeff Pryce nearly runs down a beautiful, yet mysterious young girl walking alone by Resurrection Cemetery. Jeff offers her a lift, and by the time he drops her off, a mutual attraction

has developed between driver and passenger. But Jeff's life begins to spin out of control shortly after he asks "Mary" to be his date at Homecoming -- as one by one, his friends are brutally murdered.

Due to the fact that he has a juvenile record, Jeff becomes the No. 1 suspect.

And with each new horrific murder, the questions keep being asked: Who is this mysterious white-clad girl called Mary? Why is everyone around Jeff suddenly meeting with a hideous? And will Jeff's desperate measures to clear his name bring him towards a final confrontation with the real killer?

If you are expecting a true-to-life reconstruction of the story of Resurrection Mary, then you may be a trifle disappointed. However, if you aren't bothered too much by a tale only loosely based on the actual urban legend itself, then I am pretty sure you will enjoy this movie immensely. I thought it was real clever the way the writers took a popular ghost story that has fascinated people for years, and turned it into something that is really creey and thoroughly edge-of-the-seat viewing. I will watch this movie again and again, as it takes pride of place in my dvd collection.

The DVD of Resurrection Mary can be bought on Amazon. However, up to now, this veron can only played on DVD players compatible with American regional codes.
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