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THE RITE...Just Seems Wrong! (Blu-ray Review)

Something that you may not know about me is, if a movie is theology based, you can bet your ass I'm going to see it.

Exorcism movies are a sub-genre of horror that are hard, I'd say nearly imposble, to do well.

However, I condered The Rite (2011) saving the best for last of this weekends triple feature.I am incredibly disappointed to say, I thought it was a good 85% total disaster.

The Plot: Allegedly based on a true story. Michael (played by adorable Irish newbie Colin O'Donoghue) feels like he has two choices in life.

He can follow in the family buness of mortuary, or he can go to the Seminary. We never really get to find out why exactly, but just accept it because that is how this movie is playing out.

Michael figures he can hit the Seminary for four years on a full scholarship, and then not take his vows.

This contradicts what I just said, but again...never explained, so move on.

Four years pass and the night he sends the letter to Father Superior, explaining his lack of faith he witnesses a woman get hit on the street.

Rushing to her de, she sees his Priest collar, and he takes on the role of giving her last rites. The scene is witnessed by aforementioned Father Superior, who thinks Michael is suited for the profeson. He (only slightly) blackmails him with the fact that, with Michael not taking his vows, his scholarship can be changed into a student loan.

So he makes Michael an offer.

Go to Rome for two months, studying in the new Vatican program aimed at placing an official Exorcist at every diocese.

If after two months, Michael still wants to bail, he is free to do so.

Off to Rome, Michael is taken under the wing of Father Lucas Trevant (Anthony Hopkins) a seasoned exorcist. From there he is thrown directly into the exorcism of a pregnant teenager. (Which personally I found a bit disturbing) and soon the lines between what is real and both mystical and human deceit, fade away. I'd like to say more, but I really can't without giving the entire plot away.

I have to say that Michael's complicated background is one of the best aspects of this film.

He was raised from a young age to respect the dead as well as life itself, as a mortician's son.

His personal battle between the concept of faith and the obvious science is one I could really relate too.

It's that struggle that keeps the movie bearable through crappy CGI, not so clever demon chat, and some serious loose ends. I found the climax of the movie disappointing, and as always I'd be really interested to hear what you guys thought.

I found myself yearning for Father Andrew Kiernan (Stigmata 1999, if you have not seen this movie SPRINT TO A VIDEO STORE RIGHT NOW!) Now he was an exorcist I'd want on my de.

Bacally in summation, wait till the movie is free or at least just a buck.

I was so excited for it I just shelled out 4.99 On Demand.

Now THAT'S a n.

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