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Three New Characters Announced For THE WALKING DEAD Series

If you scratching your head and trying to remember what the heck the Walking Dead is...well I got some advice for you; check your pulse, because your probably already a member.

The Walking Dead took the world by storm last year and according to the webte, , three new characters will be joining this years cast.

The news comes direct from an interview that the te conducted with comic writer and show executive producer Robert Kirkman.

The names of the three potential victims are; Hershel, Maggie and Otis.

Hershel owns a farm that the survivors from the first season stumble across. He is described as a veterinarian, with a likeness to that of Wilford Brimley. He has a daughter named Maggie who also live on the farm. Then there's Otis, the middle-aged ranch foreman who accidentally shoots a fellow survivor and all but loses it.It's always good to see some new meat in a series, even if your aren't a zombie. Look for The Walking Dead Season 2 to air this fall on AMC.

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