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Guess Who's About To Leave 'BITE MARKS' Again? Find Out Here

When I first checked out the synops for the indy flick Bite Marks, I wasn't very enthused to say the least. I mean how good can a movie be when it's about a truck driver who just happens to be hauling coffins filled with blood thirsty vampires. Come on, that sounded pretty lame to me. But then when I watched the trailer and saw that Stephen Geoffreys ("Evil Ed" from Fright Night) was going to be repring his role as a bloodsucker, I quickly changed my mind.

Bite Marks which was written and directed by newcomer Mark Bessenger stars Windham Beacham, John Wersk and as mentioned earlier, Stephen Geoffreys. Below you'll find the trailer as well as a few movie stills.

Bite Marks was filmed in Hayden, Indiana. It's slated for release later this year.
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