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Fan Film 'Stab 4 - Fresh Blood' Full Movie

Earlier, we informed you guys about the huge news regarding the upcoming release of Stab 5. In case you missed it, shame on you. Stab 5 is a fan-filmed movie dedicated to the Scream films, its main goal is to reproduce the movie-within-the-movie Stab. Last October Stab 4 debuted when a bunch of teens from Woodsboro, California decided it was time to resurrect the Stab series. So the group, which is in no way affiliated with Dimenon Films, launched a Facebook campaign and Stab 4 was born. Currently this project, which was directed by fan Josh Dudley, has developed a nice little cult following. So with the release of Part 5 just on the horizon, we thought we'd share Stab 4 - Fresh Blood with anyone who may have missed it.

Hope you guys enjoy!!

Anonymous Saturday 6/04/2011 at 06:36 PM | 77120