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The boys over at Fangoria had the opportunity to t down with

Michael Rooker just a few days ago to discuss the posbility of his return to the Walking Dead series this season.

As you may remember, last time we seen his character Merle Dixon, he was the newest member of the self-amputation club.

From there, his character went MIA. So the question is, will Merle be back for Season 2, or will he remain MIA?

According to Fangoria, Rooker confirms that his character will return, but refuses to specify if it will be part of the feverishly-anticipated second season, or something beyond that.

“It’s just that we don’t know when yet,” Rooker says, then smiles. "And, I’m not allowed to say." On the ambiguous ending to Merle’s arc in the first season, he teases, "It’s not really an ambiguous end. It’s an ambiguous beginning."

Rooker also added this when asked about the shows current budget shrinkage, "That’s right, (the cuts are) all in my salary. Instead of making $5 per episode, I’m going to $2!"

The Walking Dead Season 2 is scheduled to begin filming next week in Atlanta.
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