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Remember To Set Your Watches - 15 TILL MIDNITE Trailer Airs

Wolfpak Industry Productions (not the same guys from the Hangover) have finally released the full trailer to their upcoming tale entitled, 15 Till Midnight.

15 Till Midnight is a science-fiction film which is directed by Wolfgang Meyer and written by Brandon Slagle, who also happens to play the role of Lukas Reyes

in the film. Dee Martin, Devanny Pinn, Andrew Roth, Andrea Chen, Tony San Miguel, and Olivia Baseman also star along de the writer/actor in this indie flick which first made its rounds last year during several movie festivals. And from what I understand, it got some pretty good marks.

Judging from the budget of $200,000, I wouldn't expect to much from this film. But then's usually these types of movies with these shoestring budgets that tend to succeed. Can you say Indious??" class="photoborder" />

A release date was originally set for Sept 24 2010. No word on when the film will finally see the light of day,but hopefully it's soon.
Anonymous Monday 6/06/2011 at 07:38 PM | 77186