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SCARE TACTICS Is Back For Season 5 This October

Reality show fans, have we got some good new for you. Remember the show Scare Tactics, which originally debuted 8 years ago on the SyFy channel? Well,i ts baaaack.

The first season of the hit reality show was hosted by Shannen Doherty way back in 2003. Stephen Baldwin then took Shannen's place in the middle of the second season. When season three debuted, we saw yet another new face host the popular show, this time it was Tracy Morgan. The fourth season, which aired on October 4, 2010, saw Morgan still as the show's current host.

Scare Tactics is your typical set-up style reality show, complete with hidden cameras. The show involves an “informant’ who sets up the “target” by putting them into terrifying tuations. With the help of some special effects and makeup that recreates these horror creatures, the pieces are all in place. The victims, are then set up by either friends or family in tandem with the shows producers. And the results are hilarious.

Here's a little sample of what the show is all about, just in case you never seen it.

SyFy has confirmed that Tracy Morgan will be back for the new season of Scare Tactics which will air all new episodes starting this October.
Anonymous Monday 6/06/2011 at 08:54 PM | 77188
Last season was GREAT.
jeremyisHORROR Tuesday 6/07/2011 at 12:34 AM | 77199