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Hello fellow Fiends!

My name is Nick and I'm the proprietor of Film Fiends (
href=""> and a new seller on I'm a serious life long fan of horror, cult, exploitation, etc. I'm looking forward to some good topics here!
FilmFiends Thursday 7/10/2008 at 11:55 PM | 15676
welcome aboard! ive had you as a myspace friend for quite some time hope to see you around more!
Johnny Bisco Friday 7/11/2008 at 11:40 AM | 15699
Hi there.

Welcome aboard and thanks for the Myspace add!
deathrisingup Friday 7/11/2008 at 03:33 PM | 15703
Thanks guys!
FilmFiends Friday 7/11/2008 at 06:08 PM | 15711
Welcome to HorrorBid Nick!

Hope you enjoy the te / forum.

If you have any questions or need anything just pm one of the mods, myself or our forum admin Booman. Again, glad you here man!

DaShape Wednesday 7/16/2008 at 05:09 PM | 16036
Welcome to the Bid of Horror.
Evildsm Wednesday 9/03/2008 at 08:49 PM | 18216