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SCREAM 4 DVD And Blu-ray Release Date Details

Many have asked about the official Blu-ray and DVD release date for SCREAM 4 and while we know Wes Craven has been tweeting lately about putting commentary and extras together, we are still uncertain what the discs will contain. What we do know is the release date for the states is penciled in for October 4th. The UK fans fare better, with August 8th set as the release for those across the pond. This doesn't mean they will be getting all of the goodies as with most releases the company will send out a bare bones edition in other countries before the final push for the US release.

Those fans that are hoping for a 4 disc box set are probably going to have to wait some time for that to happen. Anchor Bay/Starz Entertainment in conjunction with The Weinstein Company will release SCREAM 4 while the other editions are under Liongates umbrella. This news doesn't bode well for fans that want a dream set including all four films with all of the bells and whistles but stranger things have happened.

Stay tuned for a full list of "extras" as we here more on what will be included on the disc and exactly how many "endings" will make the film. We are crosng out fingers that a "killer" directors cut will be included that would include many of the deleted scenes we were shown leading up to the films theatrical release but time will tell.

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