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Charm The Ear Like a SIREN (Review)

As always, I'm going to be utmost truthful, and the truth (2010) was the only horror movie left in the video store, otherwise I never would have even taken the gamble.

Good God...I need to move to a city with a better video store.

The Plot: (Or Disaster, whichever you like)

A group of three 20-somethings want to get out of the city, a relaxing mini-vacay.

They decide to tour the coast.

Now despite being a Lit major, I don't remember exactly where geographically the island of rens were located in the Odyssey.

However, it is mentioned to the 3 travelers that they will be pasng that very place.

Of course none of them are even listening, because they are all too busy being terrible actors.

Very few things happen, (love triangle tenon being forefront, they find a guy in the water, bleeding from the ears) quickly one of the friends spots a seductive, woman waving for help off the shore of one of many islands along the coast. Of course rescuing her is the only logical thing to do. (However phoning it into the Coast Guard isn't) I should point out this movie was made in the UK...maybe they don't have a Coast Guard?

Anyway they get to the island, their boat dies, they are screwed.

Pretty much the summation of the movie.

The woman in distress turns out, of course, to be a ren.

Now if you ditched the 9th grade, a ren's song is deadly, in this case it makes you bleed from the ears then drop dead. Although mythicaly known for luring men to their deaths, she takes a very "special" interest in the only woman aboard.

So I guess this movie gets half a point of lesbian innuendo for all you guys out there.

All in all, completely awful, don't waste your time. As you might notice, it has killed horror morale for the evening. Here is the trailer, take it as a warning!

BloodAndRibbons Saturday 6/11/2011 at 08:27 PM | 77350