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in 1975 we were warned not to go into the water, but nobody listened. The year is now 2011, and we are warned yet again... Do Not Go In The Snow I know what your saying, is that a typo...didn't you mean water? Let me explain...

Filmmakers Sam Qualiana and Greg Lamberson have been working on a movie about a Shark which has been frozen in the ice for thousands of years. The shark awakens, then it's lights out for the local redents of a small Western New York town. The idea for the movie first started 7 years ago when Qualiana, the writer/director, first filmed a short based on the idea. Producer Greg Lamberson liked the idea so much that he began funding the project which has recently just wrapped up its production. For post production Lamberson and Qualiana have turned to two experts in the world of low budget horror: Brett Piper (Shock-O-Rama), assted by Mark Polonia (Splatter Beach).

Snow Shark:Ancient Snow Beast has more of a "fan-made" film, feel to it, and it's clearly a low-budget flick. Whether or not the movie will be picked up for distribution remains to be seen. The filmmakers hope to complete the film by early fall, in time for the film festival season.

Source: Dread Central
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