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More Nordic Folklore Coming 'THALE' Teaser & Stills

It seems as if the Norwegians are this years masters of mixing up folk lore with horror. First they brought us Troll Hunter, which is currently enjoying a limited US theatrical rollout. Now an all new folkloric tale entitled Thale is going to be getting a boost in 2011.

According to Nordic folk there is a seductive forest creature known as a Huldra. The huldra has often been described as being very beautiful from the front, but her back appears to hollowed out tree,like a tree. She is also depicted as having a tail, which can be like that of a cow or even a fox. The huldra has been known to offer rewards to those who satisfy them sexually and death to those who fail to do so. She is also said to be prone to stealing human babies. Now the only question left is...where can I find me one?

Source: Official Thale Facebook Page
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