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I have to admit, I'm a sucker for any movie that makes me feel like I'm watching a good old 80's slasher flick.

And that is just what I got with Blood Night (2009) Yes, it's a few years old, but it was too fun not to share.

Starring Danielle Harris (Halloween both past and present, and a true Scream Queen) sealed the deal, and I was psyched to watch this flick.

Was it the best movie ever, no. And it didn't really deliver any hardcore scares, but if you're looking for a great 80's retrospective (And you've already seen House Of The Devil AWESOME) this is for you.

The Plot:

The story begins in 1978 with a young girl named Mary.

It seems one night she decides to brutally kill her parents Lizzie Borden style, earning her the nickname Mary Hatchet. Cut to 1989, Mary is locked up in a mental institution for her crimes.

She is neglected, and brutally raped by a night guard.

She is forced to carry the baby to term, and upon labor setting in she is sedated.

When she awakes she is told the child died.

Enraged she escapes and kills....well pretty much everyone in the hospital, before she is gunned down by police.

It was a big deal in the small town, therefore every year, on the anniversary of her death, the local kids celebrate Blood Night.

Full of tricks and vandalism, milar in all ways, to devils night.

The night when Mary's spirit is said to roam the earth.

A group of teenagers decide to celebrate Blood Night, first with a seance at Mary's grave.

There they run into the watcher of the Graveyard, Gus.

He tells them the real reason Mary's spirit is restless.

She wasn't buried with her daughter. The teens take the story lightly and go back to one of their homes for the annual Blood Night party.

As you can imagine things begin to go downhill fast. People start dropping like flies, and as the teens rush to try and stop Mary's ghost, they learn even more disturbing things about the secrets the mental institution swept under the rug.

This movie was light, and fun, and as I said before a bit of a throwback.

The story isn't exactly intricate, but it has a twist or two.

All in all definitely a fun rental. Also, I feel like I should mention, this movie has a shitload of sex scenes, and Mary is often roaming about naked.

Oh, AND after you watch this movie, no guy will ever bitch about your PMS again!

Trailer Below!
BloodAndRibbons Wednesday 6/15/2011 at 02:54 AM | 77469
I liked this movie, I didn`t think it was amazing but it was worth a watch deffinitly. Of course the highlight being Bill Moseley and Danielle Harris in the same film for me. Also other than the fact that the whole legend was true after all it kinda through me for a loop why have her daughter involved if they just could of had her kill everybody. Overall it`s an enjoyable movie decent acting, pretty awesome lap dance scene, and an overall feel^for almost an 80`s horror film based in 2010.
AJxSCREAMx87 Wednesday 6/15/2011 at 09:53 AM | 77476