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AfterDark Original SECONDS APART (Blu-ray Review)

Tonight I settled in to watch Seconds Apart (2011) An AfterDark original production.

(The people that bring Horrorfest to life every year)

I was really psyched to watch this one, creepy twins with telepathic powers, I'm in. Also the trailer didn't look like it was filmed with someone's phone camera (major plus these days)

I must have pleased the movie fairy or something because I GOT ANOTHER WINNER!

Seconds Apart focuses on twins Seth and Jonah played by Edmund and Gary Entin (not very well known, they will both be starring in a movie called Prep School in 2011) Also starring Orlando Jones (House, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Asstant )

The Plot is pretty cut and dry.

Seth and Jonah are identical teenage twins, who share everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. They even sleep in the same bed. (Yeah that's not even the creepiest part) They spend their spare time doing "projects" these projects involve the use of the telepathic powers they possess when together. Where these powers have come from, is a source of great debate in the film. The projects always involve the twins compelling a person to kill themselves.They record each event, and upon looking at the recording later, marvel at the fact that they "don't feel it." What exactly they are trying to feel is just one of the mysteries of the movie.

Enter Detective Lampkin (Jones) the cop brought in to investigate the murders, that appear like suicides. Lampkin has a very complicated past however, and he is quick to suspect the boys are more than innocent bystanders in the deaths of their peers.

Finally, enters the Yoko factor.

The only thing that could come between two teenage boys that share everything. When Jonah meets and falls for Eve, the new girl in school, everything begins to unravel.The world they've created, the people they've hid from, everything begins to crack apart as both twins spiral out of control trying to suddenly find their own identities while still holding on to each other for dear life.

The movie was cool from start to finish, and Edmund and Gary Entin are downright mesmerizing.

I definitely recommend this one for your next fright night.

Trailer below, ENJOY!

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