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Just. Don't!

Ok, I guess I can expand my review, but in the end it all comes back to that.

I'm talking about Fertile Ground (2010)

After all the luck I've been having recently, it seems my luck with AfterDark Pictures has run out.

This movie was beyond bad, it was downright stupid.

The horrible cast begins with Emily Weaver (played by Leisha Hailey, The L Word, American Dad) who was awful. Granted she could play pathetic all night long, but that is the only emotion she could muster the entire movie.

She's supposed to be a clothes degner, (who frequently is dressed like Pollyanna)

Her husband Nate Weaver (played by Gale Harold, Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy) was a bit more bearable but nonetheless neither actor had anywhere to go.

With a movie as full of potential as this was, it slammed into the ground head first.

The bac plot is this: Nate and Emily are living the good life in the city. Nate is a painter, Emily degns dresses, they are expecting a little girl in five months, all is perfect.

Skip to a very graphic miscarriage scene, where afterward Emily is told she can never have children. Suddenly cut to our two main characters looking at a house in the country, one that belonged to Nate's distant ancestor.How long has it been nce the miscarriage? Why are we moving to the country? Why are we isolating ourselves? Did we inherit the house? Why is the house full of other people's personal stuff? Why is this the first time Nate has been there? These are just a few of the things you will want to know....and never will find out.

After their septic tank backs up, the crew in to fix the mess unearths a skeleton on the property.

Soon thereafter Emily begins to see ghosts in her house.

She hits up the local historical society where she finds out no less than 5 murders have taken place IN HER HOUSE.

Personally that would be enough for me to be packing my shit.

Still in shock from that information, she is called and told by her doctor the reason she hasn't been feeling well...she is pregnant again.

This is where the movie TOTALLY fell apart for me.

Screw packing, I'd buy new shit.

However Emily stays, and as her husband begins to change, more violent, more hateful, her awareness of the spirits in her home grows.

She delves more into the history, but nothing is ever really resolved, and none of the heart of the story is ever explained.

Finally you are left with a completely confung and abrupt ending.

This movie was frustrating and not worth the time.

It's a shame because with just a few explainers it could have had a solid foundation. Also with more effort it could have been scary, instead I was more disturbed by the overly graphic miscarriage scene than any of the "horror movie" aspects.

Oh well AfterDark. Solid Movie Fail.
BloodAndRibbons Monday 6/20/2011 at 12:49 AM | 77596