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A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE - Trailer & Street Release Date

I'm sure I can think of a dozen ways to die that aren't all that pleasant. And I'll be adding one more come September, when Anchor Bay releases A Horrible Way to Die for the first time on DVD and Blu-Ray.

This chiller will be appearing in stores on September 6th. Some extras included on the disc are; an audio commentary with director Adam Wingard and his screenwriter mon Barratt, and a behind-the-scenes documentary.

Check out the official trailer below, and see if you'll be adding this to your collection.

Plot Synops:

Forget everything you’ve ever seen in a serial killer movie and get ready for the chiller that stunned festival audiences around the world: Notorious murderer Garrick Turrell (AJ Bowen) has escaped from police custody and resumed his killing spree. His former girlfriend Sarah (Amy Seimetz) is a recovering alcoholic trying to put her life back together in a new town with a new man (Joe Swanberg). Her past continues to haunt her. And now her ex-boyfriend is leaving a trail of slaughter in his hunt to find her.
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