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New Cast Member Announced For The Walking Dead Season 2

Zombie freaks, we'd like to share a little bit of news regarding the newest cast member of the Walking Dead series. Remember a few weeks ago when we passed the word about a new character that was gonna have a recurring

role in the second season named "Otis?"

Well, TVLine has learned today that the role of Otis has been landed by none other then Pruitt Taylor Vince. For those of you unfamiliar with Vince, his resume included an extended gig on The Mentalist where he played Internal Affairs agent J.J. LaRoche. Prior to that, he appeared on Deadwood (as the murderous Mose Manuel) and Murder One (where he won a Guest Actor Emmy for his turn as serial killer Clifford Banks). His big-screen credits include Charlize Theron’s Monster, L.A. Confidential and Identity.

Otis will serve as a foreman at Hershel’s Farm, where much of action in Season 2 is set to occur. His character can best be described as good-natured and polite.(Despite the rather harrowing circumstances under which he first meets Rick, Lori and the others.)

Pruitt Taylor Vince seems to be a pretty solid choice for the role. Based on his past performances on TV and film he should really own the role of Otis. Stay tuned for more news involving the cast.

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