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JJ Abrams' "Lens Flare: The Movie" Trailer

This literally had us in stitches when we saw this earlier today. If you're not familiar with a JJ Abrams film, say you haven't seen the STAR TREK remake or the new film SUPER 8, than this may not be funny. However, if you have had the chance to witness them both or even recently SUPER 8 get ready to be entertained.

One of our biggest reactions to SUPER 8, which was also voiced during THE HOUSE OF HORROR PODCAST here on the te, was the blatant overuse of random lens flares during the movie. Something that was not as noticeable in space during STAR TREK but literally almost took you out of some stellar acted scenes during SUPER 8. Something that was unfortunate nce the acting was so well done.

As a result the guys at Boy Genius Comedy noticed this also about the director JJ Abrams uses overuse of lens flare in his movies. they decided to spoof Abrams by making a trailer for "Lens Flare: The Movie," which is bacally 42 seconds of lights blinding the main characters.

Feast on the spoof below:
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