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80s Slashers KILLER PARTY & NIGHT SCHOOL Finally Hitting DVD

Are you tired of dusting off your VCR every time you want to watch you favorite low-budget horror VHS from the 80s, which for some reason has never existed on DVD?

Well, we got a bit of good news for you. It seems as if the Warner Archive Collection have answered some of our prayers by releang TWO long sought after horror titles to DVD in 2011.

Retroslashers is reporting that for the first time ever, Killer Party and Night School are going to be seeing the light of day on DVD.

Killer Party is a sorority pledge/killer-in-the-house style flick which was released in 1986. The film which was written by Barny Cohen (Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter) and directed by William Fruet tells the tale of three sorority girls who get butchered up along with their friends at an April Fool's Day costume party by this vengeful spirit who inhabits the body of a fraternity pledge. YIKES!

Night School is your typical 80's slasher loaded with bad acting and cliche characters. The film which was written by Ruth Avergon and directed by Ken Hughes Night School recounts the tale of a young teacher's aid found slain in a back alley. This vicious act featured her decapitation at the hands of an individual donning a black outfit and a darkened motorcycle helmet. Lt. Judd Austin, a crime scene investigator, is called upon. More killings follow, all resulting in the murderers favorite method of execution – beheading! OMG, who can the killer be? This cult favorite was released in 1981.

So your either scratching your head over these obscure titles because you never heard of them, nor do you care about them, or your completely stoked like we are about this news.

One final tidbit regarding these DVDs, the Warner Archive service uses DVD-R media to make rare titles that aren't cost-beneficial like these available to consumers "on-demand" for full DVD production. But don't worry, I've bought movies in the past form the Archive, and I'll vouch for them. Their product is top-notch. All DVDs come factory sealed with a high gloss photo. And the DVDs themselves have high resolution color images stamped on them, exactly like the one's that you buy in your favorite store. So you have nothing to worry about.

Look for this two great titles to be released this October.
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