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Freddy's Nightmares - The Best TV Show Not on DVD!

I'm still amazed that one of the best horror tv series Freddy's Nightmares has not been released on region 1 dvd. Whether Shout Factory has bought up the right's or Warner still has them, this is a show that need's to get a DVD release!

The show ran from 1988-1990 and consted of 44 episode's. It's an excellent show and there are plenty of horror fan's that have wanted it's release for sometime now. I keep checking every year, hoping that this will be the year that it finally get's a release, but by the end year I'm still disappointed because there's still no release in ght.

Now that's it's 2011, it's once again time to start checking. But I'm afraid that I'll once again be disappointed. I pray that my fears can finally be put to rest, and this great series will finally see the dvd release that it rightfully deserves. I'm also hoping that the people that work for either Shout Factory or Warner have people checking out webtes like this, so they'll get the message that we the fan's desperately want to see Freddy's Nightmares released on DVD.

Please don't make us wait until the next movie come's out. I remember when the Friday the 13th reboot came out and that was also the time when the Friday the 13Th - the series had finally got it's release on DVD. I pre-ordered them as soon as they were all available from my local video store and watched them all that month.

When the Nightmare on Elm street reboot was released I thought for sure it would be a given that Freddy's Nightmares would get a release, but to my shock it never did. Instead Warner released yet another collection of the film's. That made absolutley no sense to me. Why? What are the people at Warner thinking? They already had a great box set and the movie's have had several other release's, but Freddy's Nightmares hasn't had one. I'm a huge horror fan and when they do something like this it's just hard to even take a guess at what they were thinking. Feel free to comment on this post. Im curious as to what other people feeling's are on this subject.
horrorlord Friday 6/24/2011 at 02:52 PM | 77698
man i am right in the same boat whit you i been waiting for them to put it out but they never have

JasonZombie Tuesday 6/28/2011 at 04:02 AM | 77784
Agreed! Bravo!!! I remember this as a kid. Freddy tting in the house in the intro. This needs a DVD/Blu-ray release!!!!
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Tuesday 6/28/2011 at 04:04 AM | 77785
I was searching everywhere for this and I did actually hunt it down. A seller online had recorded them all and done it up nice and it was for a decent price. I was gonna buy it but I'm too iffy about purchang bootlegged dvds online. Though if you don't mind having them all for free they can be torrented!
Artclasshero Tuesday 6/28/2011 at 04:09 AM | 77786
This is funny......I'm watching this right now. I just got the complete series. Now that is spooky
Stilesp1985 Tuesday 6/28/2011 at 04:42 AM | 77788
While I agree that it should be released on DVD, it is certainly not one of the best horror TV series. It is nearly unwatchable.

I watched them as a kid but remembered almost nothing about it. The Chiller network has been airing them of late and I decided to watch em all. It was extremely difficult to make it through an episode. Save maybe 1 maybe 2 episodes, which are passable at best, it's one of the worst shows ever.

Again, I appreciate it for what it is, and think it should be on DVD. I'm actually a big fan of bad TV. It's a very fascinating thing to behold. But that's the reason this show should be on DVD, as a curioty piece, not clasc horror.
JediRob Tuesday 6/28/2011 at 04:26 PM | 77815
I agree it needs to be on dvd I mean we have The Complete Friday The 13th The series on dvd and Poltergeist the legacy on dvd we need Freddy .I really want to know this set and can't find it anywhere for sale
nightmareblade Tuesday 6/28/2011 at 08:03 PM | 77821
I have seen series 1 on DVD on ebay but im not sure what region.. does not state. ... 500wt_1156
skum13 Friday 7/01/2011 at 08:35 AM | 77943
I want this so badly. Like really bad.
Kiki_Freddy's_girl Thursday 7/07/2011 at 12:01 AM | 78098