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Frank Darabont walked the red carpet last night at the 37th Annual Saturn Awards ceremony in Burbank, and walked away with the prestigious George Pal Memorial Award for his twenty-five year body of genre work, as well as the Saturn for Best TV Presentation for his hit AMC show The Walking Dead.

Fortunately for all of us FearNET's

Joseph McCabe was in attendance, and he caught up with the tight-lipped director to ask him a couple of questions that are presently on the minds of every hardcore Walking Dead fanatic.

Check out the interview below;

Michonne is one of the most popular characters in the comic. Will she be joining the show?

When she , she's gonna rock your world. I can officially tell you Michonne is coming in the third season.

Are you eyeing anyone to play her right now? No. That's later.

Will Stephen King and Joe Hill still co-write a season 2 episode?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's just a matter of… They want to do it together. I'm proud to say that they're both addicted fans of the show. In fact, Steve started harasng me by email, because I sent him the first one as soon as we had a lab presng a disc. Like a decent Blu-ray. Then he started harasng me for the next one. Because Joe would drive up from wherever he lives, because he lives an hour away, and they'd t and watch it together.

He'd say, "C'mon, where's the next one?" "It's in the lab, Steve. We're still mixing the sound. I'll get it to you. I promise."

Have they discussed posble scenarios for their episode with you?

No, we haven't yet. We've literally just been waiting for their schedules, given that they're pretty in-demand guys. Both of them. We've just been waiting for their schedules to mesh. For them to both be free at the same time. That's the only thing that's stopping it from happening. It'll happen eventually, I'm sure.

I'm sure it'll be worth waiting for. Yeah

Season two shooting is well underway and is expected to debut this October. Stay tuned for more.

Source: FearNET
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