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Exorcismus - Spanish Horror At Its Best (Review)

Exorcismus is a spanish horror film directed by Manuel Carballo and written by David Munoz. Telling the tale of a secluded home schooled teenage girl who's temper is a huge problem among her family life and things only get worse as the days go by.

The whole film is a stunning masterpiece with wonderful camera work and scenes accompanied by the most suited muc and sound effects which keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through the film. It starts off letting you get to know and have a feel for the family and there life style which then quickly becomes clear that it is not all that perfect in all of there eyes especially for Emma (Sophie Vavasseur) who's troubles are just about to get worse

the film portrays a brilliant depiction in how a family can be ripped apart and brought closer together over horrific events and everyday life, showing not only the effects on family but also on close friends, Caung family members and loved ones to start behaving rather unlike the person we think they are.

Sophie Vavasseur has played the part in this film perfectly and portrays the power of manipulation by the devil extremely well as you t waiting, wondering if it is Emma speaking or the devil in disguise as the priest uses all his power to rid the evil....or does he!
skum13 Wednesday 6/29/2011 at 07:38 AM | 77839