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The Wild Hunt (2011) Review

The Wild Hunt is a film about a large scale role playing/reenactment game which turns too real. Filmed in Canada by Alexandre Franchi this film is a great eye opener to all things to do with film, game, role play or any other fantasy, This film captures the potential danger of the very thin line between the two worlds of real and make belief that people start to cross.

The story is good at giving you a sheer 'shock' and a 'not now whats next' atmosphere as you get tricked into believing whats real and whats role play as the teams battle out in this medieval battlefield, But how long until the real blood is spilled.

I think that the film as a whole is set in the perfect place, deserted woodlands with no technology or people around to interfere with there games until it is gate crashed by the unwelcome boyfriend. I think the story as a whole is good and strong as there is a problem in the world with people today who can not see the line between reality and make belief. And topping it off with a Shakespeare type love/tragedy film and a nice sprinkling of medieval madness running through the veins of the group i think this film deserves a 6 out of 10 as I myself am not a big fan of role play or role playing games but thought i would give the film a shot anyways.
skum13 Wednesday 6/29/2011 at 01:11 PM | 77842