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MTV's Latest Series DEATH VALLEY Mixes Comedy & Horror

There's a new half-hour series, which premieres on Aug. 29 at 10:30 on MTV, and it's not another stupid Jersey Shore spin-off Entertainment Weekly dropped the news earlier today, supplying us with all the deets involving the newly scripted horror/comedy Death Valley. The MTV show is said to be a cross between Cops and Shaun of the Dead, which we think is a pretty historical concept. Just click on the image below to check out the gory trailer, all you'll see what we mean.

Death Valley focuses on a branch of the LAPD called the "Undead Task Force" (UTF) and their battles with a variety of supernatural elements, like zombies, werewolves, and vampires.

"Death Valley brings a truly unique blend of comedy and horror to the channel," says David Janollari, Head of MTV Programming.

The cast includes Lost‘s Tania Raymonde and The Hangover‘s Bryan Callen

Source: Entertainment
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