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The Curse Of El Charro (2005) Review

I've talked about some bad movies ( Red Hook Anyone?),

and I've talked about some damn good movies, but I'm not sure I've ever talked about a good bad movie. You know, the kind you'd see on B-Horror Blog, in the Medium rating. What makes it good? What makes it bad? Well, that's what your still reading for right?

The story is pretty mple, Maria keeps having nightmares and vions of her ster, who committed suicide, which leaves her as our troubled main character. Her friend decides to take her on a vacation, down to a nice party house, equipped with pool, hot tub, and some nice bongs.

Along the way there, we're introduced to the victims of the movie. The slutty black girl who blows a cop, the moody goth chick who does a lot of drugs, and Maria's friend, who is your all around nice girl. All the victims are pretty cut and paste stereotypes, meaning we've seen them all before, and know what to expect, the slut will die, the nice girl will live, ect.

The movie is a slasher of course, so we've got to meet a couple more victims at a bar in order to up the body count later on. We meet the nice guy, the Stoner, the stoner's friends, the ex-girlfriend bitch. Now we have a nice little crew of people to die in half assed slasher ways.

The killings them self range from pretty sweet ( like the lesbian sex/death/shower scene)

to pretty much shit ( like the open door cut away slash death). The acting is nothing to write home about either, no one in the piece is that skilled, some worse then others ( like the ex-girlfriend who constantly swears and threatens people, even after having her hand cut off), while others are able to have some fun, even if they arn't the best ( like the stoner, my favorite).

The movie also tries to do some really interesting things, which work surpringly well. For example, when Maria gets the back story on the curse and the killer, it's told to her through a lent movie piece of editing, which was surpringly fun to watch.

There's a lot of dumb moments in the film though. You come across a car with it's four ways on the de of the road, with the door open, turns out it's your friends, so you invite them over. Pretty mple, makes sense. But why would you drive away, leaving their car door still open and the lights on? A lot of moments like this populate the film, and really take away from it, but it's hard to hold it against the film.

So over all, I liked the movie, even if it does have it's share of problems, and an Deus Ex Machina ending, I still recommend it, but only to fans of horror movies, and not just good movies.

Score - 70% Gore - 7/10 ( god help them they tried.)
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