Dread is the latest movie to be based off of Clive Barkers Books Of Blood, the same series of books that gave us Candyman, Midnight Meat Train, Lord Of Illuons, and a few others. Being a fan of Clive Barker, both his movies, and his written works, I'm going to be biased in my review, hell I even liked Rawhead Rex. So keep that in mind as you read.

The main just of the story, is about a group of college students, studying other people's fear. Easy enough so far. One of the students starts exploiting other people's fear, to hide from his own obsesons. Pretty straight forward plot for a Clive Barker story, which is good, I like when he keeps it straight forward.

I love the gore in this movie, it reminds me of Midnight Meat Train, and even though it is cgi, it's a fun style of gore, mind you it will never hold up to having a bucket of red corn syrup thrown on you, but I enjoy it.

The movie has a good sense of humor around it, but only when humor makes sense, it's not a horror comedy by any sense of the imagination, I enjoy a movie that can do that, make me laugh, without beating me over the fucking head with comedy.

I have to give this movie major credit for having one of the most evil killers I've seen in a movie. Killing a kids parents with an axe, walking up to the kidding, whipping the blood onto his fingers, and saying " This is your mother."

That's just down right fucking cold.

I don't want to spoil much of the movie, so I'm going to leave now with my final thoughts. I like this movie, alot more then I thought I would going into it. Don't expect a fast paced film by any means, but it's not slow either.

Score - 85% Gore - 9/10
HorrorDaily Thursday 6/30/2011 at 01:40 AM | 77873