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The Signal (2007)

This might be my favorite movie of all time. Directed by three different people ( I'm assuming one an act nce it's broken up into three parts) and staring Justin Welborn and Anessa Ramsey as the two love birds. So with that said, lets get right into the story.

Mya (Anessa) is in love with Ben ( Justin), even though she is married, but her husband is a over protective asshole. Ben wants her to run away with him, even giving her a time and a place to meet her. She goes home to her apartment building where it seems everyone is having problems with their phones, radios, and tvs. The electronics are spitting/showing a weird gnal that makes everyone go crazy, but not in your typical way. Will these two love birds make it through the city and run away or will they end up red mashed potatoes?

I said this was one of my favorite movies, and I wasn't lying. It is amazing, it's as close to perfect as I've seen. The camera angles and lighting just gives such a feeling of loneliness, the acting is so well done, it's absolutely believable, all the characters dialog comes off as real. The way people go crazy is what makes it my favorite movie, the crazy people don't realize their crazy, the way the gnal messes with how you perceive the world, it makes you think everyone else is crazy.

I really can't say enough good things about this movie, I hadn't know a thing about it, just put it on, and it is the best choice I've ever made. Watch it, really, Watch it or I will find you.

Score - 99%

Gore - 9/10
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