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Paranormal Activity (2007)

Released in 2007, Paranormal Activity, and

it was a fucking smash. Made for only $15,000, which is barely enough to buy a slice of pizza in movie world, it made back $193,355,800. Holy . Shit . People flocked to see it, I know I've had a

few sleepless nights because of it's theater release. Not that I was scared, I didn't see it in theaters, but friends of mine too afraid to sleep would call.

So what is it about Paranormal Activity that connected with people? Was it the jump scares, or the acting? Or was it just that when a film is shot in "Found Footage" style, people flock to it, people are afraid of it, because it could just as ealy been them.

Before we talk more about Found Footage films, we should get to the plot. Katie has been haunted by something most of her life, it's traveled from house to house with her, and now she's living with her "engaged to be engaged" boyfriend. He's way of couping with the news of whats happening, is to buy a video camera, to see how much proof they can capture, and of course, he gets far to into it, and it goes from there. In the case of this movie, I won't spoil anything, but that's not always going to be the way with my reviews.

If you've seen just about any found footage film from the Blair Witch Project, up to the recent The Last Exorcism, there's a trend for the movies just to end. I don't know if this is due to weak writing, or just a really lame choice, but the endings they go with, almost always disappoint, and I feel that Paranormal Activity does as well, but it is better then say the ending of The Last Exorcism.

I think the reason films like The Blair Witch, and Paranormal Activity hit so big in the theaters is completely the actors doing. Not because of how good they are or what they bring to the table, but because of the fact their not big name stars, their people you haven't seen before, and that helps lend to the the thought of, this might

be real. And it's the Might Be Real factor, that brings people just waiting to be scared into the movie to start with.

In clong, is Paranormal Activity a good film? I would say so, but you know what your getting in to before hand, and that could take alot away from the viewing, nce most found footage flicks are the same in style.

Score - 78%

Gore - 1/10
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