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The Devil's Chair (2007)

Today I bring you an......interesting title. The story of Nick, a mple guy who just wanted to drop some acid and get laid, and instead ends up finding a chair that leads to another dimenon.

So, after his girl gets sucked through to another dimenon, Nick spends the next four years in a mental hospital, coming to terms with the fact that he must of murdered her, and covered up the trauma of it in his mind.

It isn't until he's brought back by Dr. Willard, with three of his students as well, that he realizes that it's all true.

From the get go you know that this isn't your typical horror movie. It's shot and narrated more like a London gangster film, then a horror movie, and I for one think it work's to the film's benefit. It's always a nice to have a breath of fresh air in a genre that is over flowing with cheap knock-offs and sequels.

The gore in the film is quite well done, even if it is mostly done in up close and parting shots. The acting is also quite well done, even if a few of the characters are completely over acting. The actor who plays Nick, Andrew Howard, does quite a good job, I'd like to find more he's done.

It's a nice change for the genre, I think you should check it out, I got it for five bucks, but I'd be willing to spend some more on it. It's not for everyone, but I think you should at least give it a shot.

Score - 87% Gore -

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