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The Shortcut (2009)

I always love when movies start in the past, around the 40-60 era, something about the feel of the time gets to me. We start back then, with a couple dressed up nicely, taking a shortcut through the woods. He comes on to hard, they argue, and she ends up getting killed off by a little kid. I don't know how anyone can get killed by a kid, I'd just drop kicked the fucker, but hey, it's not my movie, I'll leave the problems to you.

The story jumps back and forth through time, between ' The Old Man's" past ,and his present, as a group of high school kids try to figure out if he's killing dogs or not. Honestly, killing dog's doesn't seem like such a high stakes game for a horror movie, not when films like Inde are putting unborn babies on the line. At least in the past we see how deranged the Old Man is, and that he is indeed a murderer.

Long story short, we find out that the old man is really the kid from the past's older brother, and he has his little brother chained up in the basement, because he's a ruthless killing machine. The teens who let him out suffer for it, except for the main character and his all of the sudden love interest replacement. With a nice twist at the end.

The movie suffers from a sever lack of gore and swearing, due to the fact it's pg-13. It's not really worth the watch, but I do it cause I love you.

Score - 65% Gore - 3/10
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