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The Strangers (2008)

I remember seeing this back in theaters. I didn't like it very much then. Not enough people were dying, it wasn't gory enough for me. But I've come to like

much more to my horror then gore, as I got older, even finding Funny Games to be my all time scariest movie. So I was glad I decided to re-watch it for this.

So the story is mple, this couple, are in the middle of what could be the biggest fight, and best make

up sex ever, or ruin the rest of their life's, are home for the night in a fancy house. Some one come's to the door, and they just send them away. This set's off a chain of psychological and some times very violent.

I don't want to give

away then ending, but I am going to give away the best line in the movie, and if this pisses you off, I'm sorry, but I don't really care, I can't finish the rest of this without repeating it.

When asked why the attackers were doing this, one of the them reply's " Because you were home." I think that line is the most powerful part of the movie, there's quite a few movies that can make people afraid to answer their doors, Clockwork Orange for example. But only a few of them seem to work, Clockwork Orange, and this one for me.

I'd say you should check this one out. It say's inspired by true events, apparently some one came to his door the same way, and he let them go, then in the morning some houses were broken in to. Alot of people I know think knowing that ruins the movie, but trust me , it doesn't. Just because it wasn't the same

story matters, because it is still a damn good story.

Score - 79% Gore - 4/10

ps guys : I picked that poster cause I had a HUGE one hanging over my bed from before the movie came out. If more movie's had poster like this, I'd been in the theater alot more when I was younger. Only recently did I start making sure I was at EVERY horror release that comes out down here now.
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