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Experiment In Torture (2007)

It's either a good, or a bad gn, when a movie starts with screaming and the sounds of power tools. Flash up "Serial killers don't need a reason to kill, they just do." Then have the opening scene in a strip club, and you've got my attention. If you

give me tits right off the back, I'll ignore the fact the film looks terrible. I'll over look the fact the strippers aren't even attractive, cause I'm not looking at the faces.

Less then five minutes into the film, I can tell the writers didn't think much about it. Hopefully the gore will make it stand out, otherwise it's just gonna be another movie cashing in on the Torture Porn genre. If the first kill says anything about the rest of the movie, then I know it's not going to be worth the time, ung a shaky cam, so the blood can be used less, and look like more, we have a hard time following what's happening, it's the same thing that ruined the transformer movies for me.

Why is it everyone that works at a strip bar acts like an asshole in the movies? I've had friends that worked them, I've even had friends that dated strippers, movies give them a serious bad image, I've yet to met a stripper who's been as much of a cunt as movies make them out to be. It's like racism in movies, cept with bigger titties.

So the story follows x strippers, so , Exotic Dancers, who are getting paid to spend a weekend in a nice lake house, with cameras all over, so that voyagers can watch them, and I guess get off.

But as we all know, this is a horror movie, and that's the perfect set up to go picking the girls off, one by one.

If the movie wasn't already a down hill journey, then a drunk stripper taking a piss and telling her little parts she loves them, would be a gn. But dumb writer, bad filming, bad acting ade, we can still hope and pray that there is gore going on. It doesn't, the acting is just plain terrible, none of them are believable, so even when the gore is half decent, you can't believe it.

I do approve however, of throwing some one with a broken leg, off a boat in the middle of a lake, reminds me of Funny Games, and that's one of my top 10, there will be a list, and review of all the top 10 coming in the future.

The scenes when the torture happens, tend to be pretty interesting, if not a little boring, but I approve of putting maggots inde of cuts, I might be the only person around that does, but hey, I pride myself on it.

Turns out, everyone's either in on it, or their dead. The movie tries to build tenon between the killers, but we don't care enough about them to let tenon build. Go ahead, shot him in the fucking face, what do I care,

I didn't even remember his name. For a movie with blowtorch, and maggot torture, it doesn't keep the attention well. Even the unveiling that one of the killers is wearing a mask, to hide his burnt face, doesn't even hold any weight. It's just a bad movie.

In clong, I feel the idea of a torture porn film ung strippers could be a great idea. You can really approach the idea of the disconnect strippers have with their bodies as a way to make money, and the torture done to them, an idea I'd love to see looked into by Cronenburg, the master of body horror. Instead, we get a cheap excuse for a movie, that was flawed from script to screen.

Score - 40% Gore - 7/10
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