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Delicatessen (review)

Delicatessen is a french black comedy which is both written and directed by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Set in a post-apocalyptic town, This is the story of an unemployed circus clown named Louison who heads to an appartment building to work as the maintenance man for the landlord after the old employee mysteriously disappeared. As food is scarce and grain is currency the tenants rely on there landlords butchers shop for cheap meat, ANY MEAT! Could this be where the maintenance men keep disappearing too?

The film is a work of art being marvelously filmed and comedy at its darkest with a brilliant montage of scenes and cleverly placed muc and sound effects to create a comical piece of what should be a horror. There is also a very clever piece of muc during the movie in which they used peoples actions in the film to collaborate together a mucal piece in which they ended up ung for the trailer of the film (posted below)

Louison played by Dominique Pinon (Alien Resurrection) Plays the part in this film absolutely fantastic and will have you laughing and cringing all the way through as he tries to impress the landlords daughter (Marie-Laure Dougnac) who ends up falling in love and trying to save Louison from the Hungry Tenants in which she descends into the sewers to find the feared Troglodistes, the feared vegetarian rebels.

The whole film is just very 'arty' looking and as i keep saying brilliantly done, Its just a must see film and a very hard one to explain as it is as described by the 'evening standard' ('An extraordinary, almost indescribable fantasy') The only downfall to this film is that the only languages released in are Spanish, German, Italian and french with subtitles in English which sometimes is very hard to find funny and humorous because you can not relate to the tone of there voice.

I give this film a 9 out of 10

The film actually won and has been nominated for several awards including:

the C├ęsar Awards it won Best Editing, Best Film Work, Best Production Degn and Best Writing, at the European Film Awards it won Best Set Degn, at Fantasporto the Audience Jury Award, at the Guild of German Art House Cinemas Best Foreign Film, at tges Best Actor, Best Director, Best Original Soundtrack and the Prize of Catalan Screenwriter's Critic and Writer's Association. At the Tokyo International Film Festival, it won the Gold Award.
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So fingers on keyboards... Who's seen this and what did you think? or who may give it a try
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