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Capture 'THE TERROR TRAP' On DVD This September

Phase 4 Films is all set to release the horror/thriller Terror Trap onto DVD this September 27th. After watching the trailer we couldn't help but notice the remarkable milarities to another movie. In fact the milarities are so blatant that we swear that the filmmaker Dan Garcia should have renamed the script Vacancy 3, and sold it.

Terror Trap stars David James Elliot, Jeff Fahey and Michael Madsen. The only extra that will be included on the DVD will be the film’s trailer.

Plot Synops:

Driving to a weekend getaway, a car breakdown strands young couple Don and Nancy (David James Elliot and Heather Marsden) while pasng through a small, rural Louiana town. Finding the couple on the roadde, the towns inhospitable Sheriff Taylor (Jeff Fahey) tells them therell be no one to repair their car before morning. He directs them to a nearby motel for the night run by Carter (Michael Madsen). Checking into the seedy, rundown establishment, Don and Nancy have no way of knowing how this place deals with outders. Badge ade, the Sherriff answers to Carter, as do a gang of twisted, masked kidnappers, torturers, and killers. By the time Don and Nancy realize whats happening, its too late to flee. They must fight to survive the night, or be the next victims of the Terror Trap...
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